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Delivering the Vision of Smart Cities

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The vision of IoT is not limited to connecting every home or every business but is much larger, it seeks to bring the entire world closer by complete connectivity. Smart city is one such initiative born from this vision. A smart city is a connected and responsive city that facilitates civic engagement and governance in the digital age. Smart cities are built on the foundations of breakthrough technologies that combine smart devices, connectivity and big data analytics to create an agile, informed and secure model of resilient cities.

The aspiration behind building a smart city is to offer citizens a better life. The objective is to make better use of public resources, increase transparency of the local government, increase the quality of services offered to citizens, and reduce operational costs of the public administrations.Connected devices of a smart city phenomenally help both citizens and public administrators. With the internet of things a lot of radical solutions can be delivered addressed such as alerting citizens of road congestions or breakdowns of local roadways,reducing abuse of public places and areas,alerting the fire department or hospitals in case of emergencies, and even altering citizens of extreme weather conditions.

The IoT Suitcase platform as a service provides a strong foundation on which the perfect model for a smart city can be designed and built completely. Our rapid application development platform gives the right head start to deploy a robust, secure ,scalable and economical infrastructure that encompasses various aspects of public services, including transportation and parking, lighting, utilities, surveillance and maintenance of public areas, and more.


Delivering the Vision of Smart Cities

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