The IoT Suitcase For Retail: Helps You Rise Above the Crowd.

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The advent of IoT has given a tremendous impetus for rapid development in several service industries, especially in the area of retail services where most of the decisions are customer driven. These recent advances push industry leaders to infuse new innovations into their various systems and processes.

For retailers, the IoT promises to better target the needs of individual shoppers, and persuade them to make a purchase.For shoppers, the promise of the IoT is a more personalized shopping experience. These potential benefits are two sides of the same coin, enabled by technology that identifies individual shoppers when they enter a store, pulls up their personal data and shopping history, and then provides pointers and promotions that drive them to specific areas or products within the store. The smart store knows its customers and what they like, and then tailors the shopping experience accordingly.

The IoT Suitcase delivers this big promise for the retail sector and can transform the way business is done. The IoT Suitcase platform is equipped with the right mix of devices, networks, apps and analytics software that can improve a retailers day-to- day operation.

The IoT Suitcase platform-as-a-service links and aggregates data from disparate and diverse devices in the store into a common internet-enabled environment in such a way that new applications and systems can quickly synchronise with each other, exchange data and utilise the data effectively using smart analytics.


Design your Perfect Device Motif with the IoT Suitcase

Mobile shopping applications

Smart promotions and Coupons

Sensor-based items tracking

Mobile payment solutions

Asset Tracking

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