Platform Overview

A first of it’s kind Internet of Things platorm as a Service

The IoT Suitcase Platform

The IoT Suitcase is an Internet of Things (IoT) Platform as a Service, which makes implementing IoT solutions easy. With the IoT Suitcase platform-as-a-service you can plan, build and run IoT applications within record time. The platform links machines, devices, applications, and people to data and control centers.  The cloud based platform can then be accessed and managed from many different locus points using wireless connectivity.

With this complete combination, the platform delivers the diverse need of IoT solutions.The IoT Suitcase offers IoT best practices in the form of a technology-independent, reusable, agile methodology that supports IoT solution design as well as IoT project setup and management by providing project templates, designs,checklists,solution architecture and blueprints.

The platform is designed for IoT product managers, project managers, solution architects, and other IoT stakeholders. The platform is capable of combining numerous , different disciplines within a single project that integrates product design and manufacturing, embedded hardware and software, local and remote communication, enterprise application development and integration, cross-domain security, and much more

The IoT Suitcase encompasses all key components for any IoT implementation be it small or large scale.


Assets and Devices

We cater to all hardware, asset and device requirements . Our hardware can also be customised to meet your needs and can cater to any degree of asset complexity and desired on-asset processing power. We also undertake the entire lifecycle management of each asset and hardware. All assets and devices are connected to the IoT Suitcase Cloud. The IoT Suitcase Cloud is equipped with  an integrated database that contains information about all of the assets registered with the system. Our cloud ensures that this information is synchronized with other components of the IoT environment to provide enhanced business services.

Backend Services

The IoT Suitcase is powered with robust and intelligent algorithms that give life to any data. Our analytics performs a range of complex analysis from basic data clustering to deep machine learning and supports historical as well as predictive analytics extracting the most value out of any data-stream. We use the “If This Then That engine.” (IFTTT) that lets you implement IFTTT scenarios offering advanced automation and scheduling solutions to the consumers.

Communications and Connectivity

Our connectivity engine is used to connect the data from/to sensors with the cloud  over Wifi/GPRS/SMS. The connectivity engine has the needed security implementation, offline storage and sensor management, which takes care of reliable & secure transmission of the data to the cloud.

The Cloud platform also exposes an OAuth2 protected API layer for consuming the saved data both in a REST fashion as well as web sockets. With this inclusion the data from our system can be consumed by any client that can work with REST API/Web Sockets, once the client has been authenticated and authorized. The APIs used  are near real time and are pre- integrated with the Suitcase Dashboard and the Suitcase Mobile App. The Suitcase also deftly handles the heterogeneity issues of networks and communication channels. We provide bridge boards for interfacing with various industry standard protocols ex: Modbus to Wifi, RS485 to Wifi, Wifi to RS232 and others.

Security and Standards

The Cloud platform offers out-of-the-box security and compliance to all standards and industry norms for communication.  Our security offering comes with 2 layers of encryption. One where all the plain text data is encrypted and second where this encrypted data is sent over SSL. So even if anyone sniffs the router, they will not be able to understand the data.

Moreover our IoT system security lifecycle, is tightly integrated into a secure development, integration, and deployment process. The lifecycle is designed to be iterative, allowing for the secure addition of new IoT capabilities throughout an enterprise. We also address technical, policy, and procedural lifecycle topics to enable a robust enterprise IoT security capability that is continuously updated and tailored to the unique operating needs of any organization.

Reporting Workcentre

The IoT Suitcase is endowed with a powerful reporting work centre. Our  mobile app with real-time actionable dashboards makes any IoT journey complete by offering information in just a few clicks.  Our reporting workcenter seamlessly collates data from the different IoT modules and presents key information to consumers on interactive mobile apps.


Our platform is built to support long-term evolution of the IoTAs IoT technologies advance, the need for developing  a framework that supports this explosive growth will be imperative. Our platform is equipped to handle  increasing number of connected devices, users, application features, and analytics capabilities, without any compromise in the quality of service. Our well engineered platform can help you create an agile architecture that can be tuned to accommodate your future growth and changing technology requirements.

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