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WOW! The Internet of Things

Founded by Arvind Ravulavaru in March 2015, after eight years of corporate experience, the loT Suitcase provides a platform for building Internet of Things solutions. The Internet of Things, very simply put, connects the real world to the internet. They offer a platform with which they provide a mobile app, a desktop and a web-based application; and integration with third party services.

Smart switch to automate smart home

The IoT Suitcase, a dedicated internet of things (IoT) company that delivers innovative products and solutions in the IoT space, on Saturday introduced India’s first and truly smart switch for home and office consumption. The eco-switch is a smart switch that assists home and office automation with anytime and anywhere connectivity. The switch converts your basic electronic appliances into smart appliances. Once connected, the end electronic device can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world using a mobile app.

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The IoT Suitcase in Agriculture - Door Darshan Telecast

Smart Agriculture

With Smart Agriculture and the Internet of Things (IoT) farmers and cultivators have a powerful new tool that can deliver extremely productive ways to cultivate soil and raise livestock with the use of affordable, easy-to-install remote sensors that generate an abundance of insightful data. With IoT solutions big and small land cultivators have the advantage of 24/7 visibility into soil and crop health, machinery in use, storage conditions, stocks and stores, and energy consumption level. The IoT Suitcase makes implementing IoT solutions in the agriculture sector easy.

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