– Weaving Different Environments Together with The Internet

i-Sense helps you develop interconnected environments. i-Sense is a family of sensors, which are internet enabled devices. These devices identify the spatial conditions of the spaces we inhabit  and report back on its different aspects like light, air-quality, radiation, fuel emission, temperature, number of people in a space, humidity, moisture among many other attributes. i-Sense fulfills the vision of ubiquitous connectivity and links all our spaces together with our handheld smart devices. The sensors collects tera bytes of information, churns them and in turn help in modifying the environment that we occupy. The sensors triggers the actuators connected to them which then take corrective desired actions to tune our environment as per our needs. With the i-Sense sensors you can transform your environment into a comfortable and safe space .

Easy to Set Up

Sensors of the i-sense family can smoothly integrate with different hardware and software environments.

Precise,Reliable Information

Several i-sense sensors of the same type can be placed in different locations, each with its own characteristics in terms of environmental effects .Data fusion methods can then be used to merge information coming from all these equivalent sensors . This provides precise, localized, and reliable information.

Strong Communication Channel

Each i-sense sensor is equipped with strong communication capability, and its information is available for more than one client. This way, the sensor information can be used for multiple purposes.

Robust and Intelligent Network

If a sensor fails the network is fully capable of handling it. The network can estimate its response on the basis of previous behavior and the response of the closest sensors.

Detect intruders and security breaches.

Monitor Locations and Track Supply Chain Elements.

Use different sensors to automate home and office appliances.

Resort to Smart Agriculture by deploying various sensors in the fields.

Use Smart Devices to detect water levels for smart irrigation.

Setup Safe Factories and work environments by monitoring radiation, air quality temperature etc.

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