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When the advances of technology are infused with the world of medicine the result is a healthier world! Making a positive difference in the health care sector is the ultimate nirvana for any invention.So from all the areas that the IoT promises to revolutionise, healthcare is the most special.

IoT in the healthcare sector is an equal boon for doctors as it is for patients. While it offers patients the right support and care that they need, it offers doctors a better way to serve, be it from home or hospital.

With IoT all existing medical devices can be connected together. In a hospital this could be the different devices in the hospital room, in the intensive care unit (ICU), in the x-ray room (ER), or in the operation theatre (OR). At home, this could mean connecting all medical devices that are normally found like a Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine, Glucose Monitoring device, Heartbeat Monitors, or even Pacemakers.These devices can be connected remotely to the internet, and can then even talk to each other to monitor a patients condition. The devices can even send this information to a doctor and alert him to take necessary actions if any disparate readings are found. IoT facilitates a mechanism for near-immediate analysis, response and treatment.

The IoT Suitcase offers an IoT platform-as-a-service solution for Smart Healthcare.The IoT Suitcase powered solutions are secure ,robust and scalable solutions that can connect and deliver responsive patient-doctor mechanisms for small or large set-ups. The IoT Suitcase can also centralise medical records, save it to the cloud and retrieve it within moments from anywhere across the world. This eliminates the possibilities of complications that arise due to cross diagnoses and conflicting drug interactions. Overall the IoT Suitcase delivers an effective and efficient healthcare system for coordinated and correct diagnosis of a problem.


For The Ultimate Digital Nirvana

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