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The evolution of the digital world is a mega-trend that has brought in a positive change and influence in almost every single industry. While the energy industry, initially lagged behind other industries, today it is rushing to catch up, with the digital elements affecting more and more aspects of this market. The ever increasing electricity demand, the need to replace ageing assets and the customer expectation of better awareness is driving the modernization and up-gradation of electrical sector in many parts of the world. However compared to other sectors the digital transformation process for the energy sector is comprehensive and complex as it touches every aspect of the utility sector from electricity generation, transmission,storage,distribution and consumption to managing customers.

The IoT suitcase can make this digital journey quick, efficient and smooth by leveraging its cost effective rapid-application development platform. The IoT suitcase platform-as-a-service provides sophisticated power electronic components and a robust communication network that can serve as a life-line between generation,distribution and demand management networks. With the inclusion of sensing and monitoring devices and infrastructure for bi-directional communication and power flow, the IoT Suitcase backed smart energy evolution provides the means to get rid of some well known weaknesses of the traditional electricity sector, such as, capacity constraints on power generation, inefficiencies of transmission and distribution networks, power theft, etc.


Custodian of a Cleaner World


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