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Inter-Vehicle Communication (IVC) is expected to play a central role in tomorrow’s smart cities. Cars act as a strong resource for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of smart cities. Smart cars can help the environment in reducing traffic congestion, ensuring road and traffic safety, ensuring on-road assistance, and overall population safety.

Smart cars can also enhance driving experience of the end-user and make sure that a car runs as well as it’s designed to. Tiny electronic control units within the car can control all sorts of in-car functions, including braking and cruise control, heating/ cooling and smart entertainment systems. Moreover the smart car can be synced with other smart resources like a smart home , smart office ,smart factory to experience a truly connected life. Example, a smart car can communicate with a smart home to switch the heating/cool on ,when the end-user is five mins away from home. The concept is to make cars serve the dual purpose of not only offering services but also consuming services.

The IoT Suitcase offers the perfect platform to accelerate towards the Smart Automotive dream. The IoT Suitcase platform-as-a-service offers the devices, the complete networking solution, the middleware, and the applications that can quickly churn out exemplary Smart Automotive solutions. Our devices encompass intelligent appliances, mobile phones, and sensors, among others. These devices collect and send data to our cloud-based systems in order to churn out intelligent insights to our customers. Communication with these cloud systems then passes through our middleware,that interfaces these devices with the networking kernel.

Our middleware makes the heterogeneous infrastructure seamless to the customers. Finally on top of this infrastructure are our mobile apps and dashboards that provide the actual value added services to the end-user via smartphones.


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