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The in-roads made by the internet and digital technologies is revolutionizing the traditional flows of goods, services, information and re-modelling the competitivelandscape of the logistics industry. Moreover the sudden surge in online commerce and globalisation is further demanding technology to offer agile,responsive and adaptive logistics solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses .

The IoT creates the necessary backbone required to handle modern logistics today. With an interconnected network of uniquely identifiable smart devices, IoT develops seamless connectivity and addressability between various components of the logistics chain. The critical part is choosing the right IoT platform that drives this change.

The IoT Suitcase platform-as-a-service is a preferred choice for Smart Logistics as it assures rich payoffs for logistics operators, their business, customers and end consumers. The IoT Suitcase platform-as-a-service standardises processes, technologies and the collection, distribution and use of data in and around an organisation and supports the delivery of greater value to customers.The benefits offered by the IoT Suitcase apply across the entire logistics value chain, including warehousing operations, freight transportation, and end delivery. Moreover the platform offers solutions that impact areas such as operational efficiency, reduced overheads and costs, safety and security, enhanced customer experience, and sustainability of new business models. The IoT Suitcase simplifies difficult operational and business problems in novel ways, for example the IoT Suitcase can monitor the status of assets, packages, and people in real time throughout the value chain. It can also measure how these assets are performing, and take desired corrective actions. The biggest advantage is that it uses powerful analytics to study the huge data that is available and creates a new estate in the form of information.


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